Children and youth facilitators of Mayorga and MacArthur, Leyte enhance skills in advocating for Anti-OSAEC Ordinance

April 23, 2024

Mayorga, Leyte: Forty children and youth (CAY) facilitators from 6 baranggays in Mayorga and MacArthur, Leyte enhanced their skills in advocating for the passage of an Anti-OSAEC Ordinance. PLCPD trained CAY facilitators on advocacy and communications skills in an advocacy training conducted last 20 April 2024. An advocacy plan was also co-developed with CAYs towards raising awareness on salient provisions of RA 11930 and advocating for the passage of the Anti-OSAEC Ordinance.

The 2 LGUs are partners of the SAFE Online Project supported by Plan International Pilipinas and funded by the European Union(EU).