The PLCPD Secretariat

A full-time secretariat is in charge of day-to-day operations and of the implementation of various programs and projects of the organization.

Executive Director: Romeo Dongeto

Deputy Executive Director: Ma. Aurora Quilala

Center for Advocacy and Partnerships

Director, National Advocacy and Partnerships: Nenita Dalde

OIC, Subnational Advocacy and Partnerships: Ronald Papag

Advocacy and Partnerships Officers:

  • Angelica Reyes
  • Luisa Carla Galicia
  • Nicole Magtibay
  • Nicolette Andrei Villamor
  • Roi Vincent Merca
  • Rosal Agustin

Program Associate: Reggie Evangelista

Knowledge Resource Center

Center Director: Angelica Ramirez

Multimedia Officer: Kisterjay Llever

Administrative and Finance Unit

Admin and Finance Manager: Gemma Moraga

Finance Officer: Alma Rosales

Admin and Finance Officer: Maureen Ana Palacios

Admin Assistant: Marilyn Perol