iChange: Vote For Our Future

Elections are an integral part of any democracy, and voting is both an exercise of right and a moral obligation to participate in a very important decision-making process in a country. Elections signal not only a change in leadership but also a change in priorities and policy direction that will influence the path to development and good governance in the next several years. In other words, electing is not only choosing the next set of leaders but also choosing the future of our country.

Every election process presents an opportunity for change, for improvements in how the country addresses the needs and interests of its people and its development, for creating a path for a better future. Thus, change relies on the hands of the Filipino voter. And it is important that every voter should have meaningful criteria in choosing the next set of government officials.

PLCPD will maximize the space provided by the election season to mainstream important human development issues into the national conversation through the iChange campaign

During the campaign season leading to the elections, PLCPD will  promote among Filipino voters specific human development issues in the areas of reproductive health, women’s rights and gender equality; children’s rights; inclusive and sustainable rural development and social protection; and tobacco control – in the hope that these become part of voters’ criteria for selecting our future leaders.

PLCPD brings into this campaign its long experience in organizing high-impact public events and constituency-building. Recognizing the power of social media to raise awareness and mobilize public support for progressive causes, PLCPD will maximize social media platforms to disseminate information and engage voters in conversation. PLCPD will track candidates’ position and track record on top issues and share these information to serve as guide for voters in making their electoral choices.

For more information, send us an email at plcpdfound@plcpd.org.ph