Mas mura at malinis na enerhiya, ngayon na!

June 9, 2022

Environmental experts, advocates, and a representative of the Department of Energy (DOE) gathered for the 46th episode of the Usapang Human Development series held on June 9 to discuss the state of renewable energy in the country, the roadblocks to achieving a fully renewable energy mix, and the larger challenge of engaging Congress to ensure that Filipino consumers are provided with alternatives to higher electricity costs.

The panel was composed of PLCPD Executive Director Rom Dongeto, Department of Energy Renewable Energy Management Bureau Director Mylene Capongcol, and Mr. Bert Dalusung III of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities.

Director Capongcol shared the DOE’s clean energy vision for the Philippines to move toward relying more on indigenous and clean energy. She mentioned that coal cannot be completely phased out of the country’s energy mix because it accounts for 43 percent of the supply, but DOE is working towards energy transition, and fully supports all efforts to ramp up the utilization of renewable energy sources to lower electricity costs.

Mr. Dalusung, for his part, emphasized the importance of considering decentralized electricity distribution. He suggested that the government revisit the bases of policies to see how the country might effectively attract more suppliers and distributors of renewable energy. He stated that some of the challenges in the energy industry were already addressed in the past, and given the many potentials and available renewable energy resources, we can easily shift to renewable energy.

Mr. Dongeto underscored the role of civil society and advocates in engaging Congress to look at the implementation of laws and identify gaps and areas for reform in current laws and policies related to clean air and energy transition in the 19th Congress, as PLCPD prepares for escalated advocacy for clean air and looking at energy transition policies.

Mr. Rio Magpayo, PLCPD’s Advocacy and Partnerships Manager, and Mr. Francis Dela Cruz, of AktivAsia, hosted this episode.