PLCPD raises crucial human development concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic through online talk show series

May 3, 2020

With the aim of providing a platform for meaningful discussion about human development issues that are being affected by or have emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic or the attendant preventive and response measures being implemented in the country, PLCPD launched its Usapang Human Development Series with its first three episodes, which aired through Facebook live starting April 23.

The first three episodes of Usapang Human Development featured food and nutrition security, the prevention of violence against children, and social protection for workers in the informal economy, respectively. PLCPD Executive Director Rom Dongeto, who introduced the series and served as panelist in all episodes, highlighted the need to discuss these issues –  stressing that everyone has a role in alleviating the situation and highlighting the need for all actions to be inclusive and particularly responsive to the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable.

Recommendations for addressing policy and program gaps will be compiled and transmitted to policymakers as input for policymaking during the recovery phase.

The first run of the series has aired every Tuesday and Thursday from April 23. PLCPD will continue airing Usapang Human Development Series live through its Facebook page: Upcoming episodes in the pilot run of the series include:

  • Smoking and Covid-19: Now Is the Best Time to Quit
  • Safe at Home: Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls