Seventy #GirlDefendersUnite and commit to the implementation of RA 11596 or Prohibition of Child Marriage Law during the commemoration of the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW

December 1, 2023

30 November – PLCPD, in partnership with Oxfam Pilipinas and DSWD, with support from Oxfam Hongkong, conducted the #GirlDefendersUNITE for the Implementation of PCM Law: WEaving a VAWG-Free Future Together – an event gathering various #GirlDefenders from national government agencies, communities, women and youth groups, as well as champion legislators of the campaign to call for the full implementation of the PCM Law.

Attendees include CHR, PCW, BTA, BYC, Brgy. Culiat, NCIP, NCMF, AMWA, Unyphil-Women, LKK, MAYA, ACYA, Sigay Nu Mga Babay, Gabriela Women’s Party, House Committee on Women and Gender Equality and representative from the office of Rep. Bernadette Herrera.

#GirlDefenders discussed updates, challenges and opportunities on the implementation of the PCM Law and renewed commitments to support key implementers in disseminating information about the law’s programs and services.