skl: the UHD Podcast Episode 2: #NoMoreChildrenHavingChildren

September 4, 2020
skl: the UHD Podcast is a podcast channel launched by PLCPD that aims to engage stakeholders in conversation on human development issues and how these affect their daily lives.
Patricia Tan opens this episode with an essay, and youth advocates Jona Turalde of SheDecides Philippines and Anzaira Roxas of the United Nations Population Fund sit down with PLCPD Advocacy Manager Au Quilala to discuss why (and how) children are having children, the consequences of this on their health and development, and what can be done to address the situation–in an urgent plea to lawmakers to pass related bills on the prevention of adolescent pregnancy, raising the age of sexual consent, and ending child marriage.
The audio-only version (.mp3 format) of this episode is downloadable here.