What We Offer

What We Offer

For legislators, PLCPD membership means…

  • Regular interaction with advocates from civil society and government agencies
  • Access to the latest studies and data on population and human development
  • Access to the population and human development community—international and local NGOs, academic and research institutions, and LGUs;
  • Interaction with parliamentary colleagues worldwide through regular meetings and conferences abroad;
  • Study visits to other countries to observe ongoing policy initiatives on population and human development;
  • Assistance in the preparation of speeches on population and human development through the provision of materials and data;
  • Assistance in the drafting of bills, resolutions, and position papers regarding population and human development;
  • Training and orientation of legislative staff on a wide array of topics, including basic and advanced communication trainings; policy development and analysis, and leadership courses; and orientation seminars on legislative advocacy and the legislative process.
  • Assistance in media interaction and projection; and
  • Access to popular information materials on population and human development for distribution to constituency.

For advocates, partnership with PLCPD means…

  • Regular interaction with  policy champion-legislators who are committed and knowledgeable on population and human development issues;
  • Access to legislative processes of Philippine Congress;
  • Participation in the joint legislator-civil society advocacy monitoring mechanism;
  • Access to various advocacy services such as trainings, researches; and communications.

For Local Legislators, LGUs, and local stakeholders

  • Conduct of advocacy campaigns;
  • Budget advocacy;
  • Planning, implementation, and monitoring, and evaluation;
  • Stakeholders’ policy dialogues;
  • Documentation of leadership and governance best practices for promotion and replication; and
  • Facilitation of study tours in leading local governments with successful population and human development programs.