Advocacy Update

PLCPD’s primer on Air Pollution as a Public Health Crisis is out now!

March 30, 2022

A huge chunk of the global population is suffering from the harmful
health impacts of air pollution. In 2019, premature deaths linked to
polluted air soared to 7 million worldwide, most of which occurred
in Asia. This led the World Health Organization (WHO) to coin it as
the “single biggest environmental threat to human health.”

#GirlDefenders Vote reunites women and girls’ rights advocates in culmination of National Women’s Month celebration

March 29, 2022

About 20 women and girls’ rights organizations gathered in Quezon City tonight to talk about what voting for women and girls’ rights means to them – amplifying the issues of women and girls as a priority agenda in the 2022 elections.  In his message, Mr. Romeo Dongeto, PLCPD’s Executive Director, highlighted the legislative milestones in […]

Presidential candidates on key policy issues in tobacco control

March 25, 2022

We looked at the position and track record of presidential candidates on the following policy issues in tobacco control: Sin Tax Reform Laws. A series of increases in taxes on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages to curb consumption and ultimately reduce illnesses caused by alcohol and tobacco use. These include Republic Acts (RAs) 10351, 11346, […]